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We are one of the best Deck Builders in the West Island Montreal! If you need a red cedar deck or a treated wood deck we can definitely help you enhance your West Island home and yard's appearance. Our Deck Designers will make your housing project look much more attractive, spectacular with some personal touches to every project. We have always created harmonious deck designs that blend to perfection with any West Island house backyard design. Relaxing or entertaining your friends, Our Deck Construction will be Tailored to your Needs and Budget. We are a Deck Designer that delivers on time and with spectacular results.
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Deck Building Business is Not a Sideline!

Best Designs and Constructions for Customers in the West Island Of Montreal.

33 years in Deck Building Business; thousands of projects realized. We pretty much started this multi-level decking industry in the Montreal West Island. At that time, we had no competition. We put our brains to work and created new and exciting Deck Designs, one after the other, year after year. In the 90s, other companies started and began following our lead. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?
Copied, But Never Improved Upon; today, we still leads the way. Solid work Ethics and Dedication.

Customers have been the Foundations to our Success Since 1985.

When Deck Craftsmanship Quality Counts!

Deck Builder and Deck Designers, Better than you can Imagine!

We are a Full-Service Decking Company. Insured, bonded and RBQ certified (see below). We have built so many deck projects throughout the years that it’s too hard to remember all of them. But we can tell you that all of Our Decks and Patios are the Best-Built Projects out there Today. We never use sub-contractors for any of our jobs in the West Island of Montreal.
Some of our competitors rely on independent excavation companies for their supporting posts and excavation. Others use paid sub-contractor teams to build their decks. It's pretty incredible that even in the decking industry we now have pro-marketers that exploit this Business.

The Owner Works Hard, Probably the Hardest!

Love is Involved in What We Do!

With this Experience in Deck Building, we can do almost Anything!

Simard Enterprises is a full service deck design and Deck Building Contractor Specializing in Building Unique Decks, handicap wood ramp, decorative carpentry, affordable patios, screen porches, gazebos, balconies, patio for CPE, wood playhouse, other outdoor structures, wood terraces and other landscape outdoor living spaces. Our mission is simple, we strive to provide you with the highest level of professionalism, reliability, attention to details and integrity for your deck construction. We are dedicated to use only superior materials, up to date techniques, and specialist craftsmanship.
Increase The Value of Your Home.

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☑ How Do You Build a Wooden Deck?

We build them with you in mind. All your needs are included. Special doors, iron and wood railings, decks for pools, decks for hot tubs, pergola to hang some plants , privacy panels and trellis barriers for more privacy, special contour around basement windows and so many other options and possibilities. You may want some lights set in your deck steps or your rooftop terraces. You may need a small roof and a rain shelter for your spa deck. Maybe a Uni-Stone Outdoor BBQ to compliment your new treated wood deck. All of this and much more is available. We do it all, and we do it all right! This is why working with DECK SHOWS TV STAR Paul Lafrance Design working with Mike Holmes has led them to recognize our talents and refer us for Quebec Decks, Patios and Wooden Fences inquiries.

☑ How Long is Our First Deck Meeting?

Our first meeting will take around 1 hour and, by the way, we will arrive on time! We will first visit where the project is to happen. We will discuss your project and all your patio ideas. We will then go inside or to a comfortable table area and I will show you from my Ipad numerous decks, pergolas, spa patios and many other examples. Meanwhile, Next, our designer will draw for you a 3d design that will represent exactly your project. You can correct or change certain aspects of the design and together we will soon have a realistic representation of the future plan. Finally, we will leave you with a free estimate of the project and its cost, all tucked nicely into a complimentary binder. All of this in an hour or less! This is what you should expect and demand of a truly professional company.

☑ Have You Ever Heard That Cedar Wood Decks are Better Than Treated Wood Decks?

Yes! But the truth is that even a cedar-wood deck relies on a structure of treated wood. Treated wood is used for framing, because it is currently the only wood that is strong enough to carry the weight of a deck. Only the finishing planks that cover the deck surface for example may be cedar or perhaps another variety. Cedar is too soft to withstand weight the way treated wood can. The life of your deck depends entirely upon the life of the structure. As far as maintenance goes, both treated wood and cedar decks will have to be treated or stained as soon as possible. If not, they will age and weaken quickly. A cedar deck without regular maintenance will look very bad in just a few years. The wood will splits and twist and soon your deck will look like an old cedar barn. The treated wood deck will also split and twist without regular maintenance. Without treatments, none of them will stand out and impress your friends and family. We have to admit that early constructed cedar decks are slightly nicer looking than treated wood decks. But bottom line, the design is really what makes a deck stand out from others. Most of the time, a treated wooden deck-properly stained-will look just as good as a cedar deck. If you like the smell of cedar, smell it as it is getting built, for it will lose it's smell the minute it is  Treated, Stained or Oiled. The choice remains yours, the cedar wood deck is on average two times more expensive then the price of the treated wood deck.

For your Pleasure, watch these two very funny videos on Deck Maintenance! :)
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Montreal-West Island Handicap Wheelchair wood Ramp for Residential and Commercial.

☑ What Kind of Decks Does Your Company Build?

After 33 years of building decks in the West Island of Montreal with unrivaled craftsmanship, we have build pretty much anything you can imagine. And it is important for you to understand that all, and I mean ALL of the materials used in Quebec to build decks have some downsides. Whether it’s the IPE we buy from Langevin et Forest to Home Depot treated lumber and everything in between, every product has its pros and cons. The reality may be hard to face for some people, but unfortunately we do not live in California. Here in Quebec, our climate is full of harsh extremes from -30C to + 30C. We have some of the most severe weather conditions in the world! Even just 500 kilometers further west, Toronto has much milder weather and exterior products react much better than in Quebec. In other words, expect nothing in Quebec to stay perfect. Everything here will be modified by the weather and also by any lack of maintenance. Now, we don't decide for the customers what kind of deck they want or they can afford. We assist them with the best purchase, the best design and naturally the pricing point they need to spend and feel comfortable with. IPE Wood, Cedar Wood, Composite Materials, and Treated Wood are the Quebecer's first choices depending on their budgets.

☑ What is The Best Product for My Deck?

Most decks built in the West Island of Montreal are constructed with treated wood frames. The frames should last, if well ventilated, no water accumulation and above the ground for about 20-25 years. If it is built in a very humid area, frequent water accumulation area and the frame is touching the ground, expect your deck to last 10-12 years maximum. No matter what you put on the surface of this frame, you can expect to be tearing it down in this time frame. There is no product in the world that will not show wear and tear. Plastic will crack or fade and gets hot underfoot in bright sunshine; IPE will change color and cracks in time; cedar will become gray and ugly and crack if not treated; even treated wood will crack and split if not properly maintained. So which one is the best product? It all depends on your budget and what you are willing to spend for this exterior decoration. An IPE or Composite Deck these days can cost the price of a Mercedes. We normally build decks between 8,000$ and 60,000$.

If you Need an Awning for Your Deck, We Refer This Company: ► Decor Auvent.

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How to properly Stain your Wood Deck and not have Peeling.

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