Montreal West Island Landscaping Designer. Also servicing Vaudreuil, Saint-Lazare and Île-Perrot.

Delivering landscaping jobs in the West Island of Montreal since 1985. Hundreds of Creations and Numerous Designs, my passion still burns as brightly today, mostly for landscaping and building beautiful rock gardens. We won numerous prizes for our gardens. Nationally, 3rd prize for Best Backyard Design over 15,000$. We Love Gardening and Are Amazing At It! We'll make your home the envy of the neighborhood. From rock gardens and flowerbeds to topiary designs, water features, pool water falls, fountains and everything in between. Our team will work with you to realize the best Outdoors Living Space Designs and Landscaping.

Spectacular Gardens, Spectacular Designs!

Montreal-West Island landscaping Designer and Landscaper.

My Passion to be a Landscaping Designer and Builder started in the late 80's. I met one of the best landscaping and rock garden builder in the Montreal area. His name was M. Amorosa, he owned a successful garden and plants nursery in Kirkland. This man built most of all the residential gardens and even most of the city's landscaping projects. M. Amorosa started to notice me around the West Island as an honest and talented young hard worker. One day, he decided to bring me and show me How to Build Amazing Rock Gardens. For a period of time, he brought me to multiple projects and educated me about plants and proper techniques to obtain the best professional garden results.

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Gardens and Oasis Designs!

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services for the West Islanders.

We specialize in transforming Ordinary Lands into Spectacular Outdoor Living Spaces. Getting some beautiful landscaping work will enhance the visual impact of any given property. It'll also contribute to raise the value of your home or business. From a typical Italian rock garden, an Asian or Japanese Garden, a French Victorian Garden, a butterfly garden, topiary garden and or an English garden, we will be able to Design, Create and Produce your Desired Landscaping Needs.

Best Looking Landscape Designs !

Swimming Pool Water Features Ideas.

Modern Pool Fountains, Pool Waterfall and Water Features.

Over 25 Years of Experience in Pool Waterfall Fountains. There was a time where all waterfalls were made from real garden rocks. It was a challenge to re-direct the flow of water to the right areas. Early in this millennium, we built pool fountains with lookalike cement rocks, also called faux rocks. Those waterfalls were very spectacular but needed too much maintenance for Quebec weather conditions. Now with new trends, We Build Great Looking Modern Zen Pool Water Fountains. We make them custom and ultra light. Those pool fountains are formulated with high-density polyurethane panels. Spectacular led lights illuminate the pool fountain water flow. Fully customizable and can be wintered in your shed. If you sell your home, bring it with you! There's no limitation to the creativity we can include producing these Pool Water Fountains.

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☑ What's Your Procedure to Estimate a Garden for my House?

Building an unbelievable hard scape landscaping project is not as hard as you may have been led to believe. If you already have a plan, we'll go with it and if you want advice, we can help you with that, too. If you don't, then first we establish the zone of construction. Secondly, together we talk about your tastes, wanted styles and needs. We then get into the drawing mode and within just a few minutes, I can fully draw a 3D draft of your future project. We then correct and adjust the drawing to fit exactly your needs and budget. This all takes around one hour. We crunch the numbers until we find an agreement, a convenient date and strike a deal! (ᵔᴥᵔ)

example of architect plan

☑ Do We Really Need An Architect Plan to Build a Garden?

Yes you do when you have a commercial or a very big project. The reasoning behind this action is to prevent forgetting elements, misleading informations and errors between multiple contractors. For most of us trying to beautify our humble home in the West Island, this should not be necessary with a proper knowledgeable professional landscaper who can explain in detail what he has in mind for your property. This landscape architect plan cost a fortune (1500$-4500$), they show you a bird-eye view of multiple components representing hard scape elements identified by Latin names on your home localization plan. This plan is incomprehensible for most homeowners and can also be misleading. Most customers do not have the capability to see or understand a two dimensional plan (look at the plan on the left). The customers don't really understand the landscaping plan and finally go with the architect's reputation. Unfortunately, the architect ideas and choices for plants and landscaping elements may not be his customer's first choice but his very own, often resulting in deceptions and obligation for the customer to accept the end results. With today's technology and resources, it's very easy to visualize a future project. See our 3d landscaping video presentation just above as an example. We promote a more humanely approach and a customer hands on participation that'll be explained in more details below.

3D Landscaping Designs!

☑ We do Outdoors Living Space Designs like you've never seen before. Our team will create spectacular designs beyond your imagination. We at Florida™ can use 3D rendering programming to show you in a very realistic way your Outdoor Living Landscapes Project. With music, animation and great details, you now have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty and landscaping makeover of your own property. Have a look at the video, a project we created in the West Island of Montreal.

☑ How Much Will My Landscaping Garden Cost Me?

To give you a general idea, with us you can expect the following: A front house garden makeover on an average West Island 5 to 6000 square feet property as you mainly see in our pictures will cost you between 6-10,000$. Naturally it all depends on the actual size of the garden and what we are putting in it. All of this will be determined by both of us. For your backyard, expect the same price range around the Unistone Pool Walkway or around your Wood Deck and Fence.


☑ How Will You Build My Garden?

Since we already decided the size and the place, me and the team will immediately start on the hard scape part of the garden. We'll take out the grass, identify the shape and size, bring in some great Fertilized Garden Soil, get and select one by one all the Garden Rocks needed for your garden. We'll then put together the structure of the garden as we know best. Finally, it'll be time to go together to the nursery and select all the proper plants. All Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals and Trees needed for your beautiful garden will be selected by you with my professional guidance and technical assistance. Once back, we'll position all the plants. You'll have one day to make a final decision where every plants goes. The next day, we'll plant everything as is. That's it! It cannot get any better, you'll obtain exactly the look, the feel and the plants you wanted for your outdoor home design. We have always created harmonious designs that perfectly blend with your house backyard oasis. That's what I call a great West Island landscaping service company!

☑ Do You Guys Make Topiary Gardens

? In the old days we used to clip and shape small trees and big cedars to make them look like giant bonsais. Today from China we can obtain for reasonable prices, artificial wire topiary animals that we prepare with perennials and small shrubs. The result is truly spectacular and complements any well done landscaping arrangement. We can make ornaments, people, animals and different objects. Let's get together, get creative, imagine a theme and see what kind of mosaïcultures we can come up with to enhance your exterior design.

☑ Tell Me More About Modern Water Fountains and Trending Water Features.

If you have the need to get a beautiful modern waterfall fountain for your pool or your pond, let us try to design something special for you. We've handled in the past multiple materials. We're also great wood craftsmen, professional cement faux rock makers and very knowledgeable in led light installations. With all these skills, creating the most unique water fountain for you pool is achievable with great results. Light or heavy, multiple, big or small waterfalls are without a doubt great challenges we enjoy.

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