West Island Unistone Pavers Designs for outstanding installations in Montreal, Vaudreuil, St Lazare and Île-Perrot.

Experimented Natural Stones and Unistone Installers that will do the job the best possible way,the very first time! Unistone driveway, Pathways, Stairways, Unistone Pool Walkways and Backyard Unistone Patios to name a few; this is what we do, and we do it well. We do the recommended preparation suggested by the unistone pavers suppliers and follow best practices for ultimate results. Our Paver Stones and Unistone Designer Skills Enhance Every Project We Do in the West Island. Don't get fooled by prices, it is very easy for a contractor to simply put less raw materials in a project to save money. You will never know until the job starts to shift! At Florida, we deliver a professional project and make sure to follow the building code and manufacturing installation guides at all times.
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Experience Uni-stone Installers in the West Island area.

Pretty much every deck we build, we have to also install a unistone walkway or patio to compliment and finish the desired backyard look. We love building unistone walkways, pathways, patios, putting unistone pavers around a pool area or simply re-doing the unistone driveway. We Are Able to Makeover All Your Outdoor Landscapes. From old-looking pavers to modern slates, from Permacon Natural Stones and bricks and interlooking paving stone to Techno-Bloc. At Florida, we will help you Find The Best Uni-stone Design and at a Convenient Price.

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Permacon and Techno-Bloc Unistone and Natural Stone, we install all for your out dooring pleasure.

Spectacular products we mostly install to Transform Your Environment Into an Oasis.
Techno-Bloc Unistones:Industrial Slab, Blu 80 mm paver, Blu 60 mm smooth,Travertina, Mini-Creta wall, Suprema wall, Rocka step, Maya step, Venitian overlay system, Raffinato edge, Brandon edge, Graphix wall and Brandon wall.
Permacon Unistones:Azur pavers, Melville uni-stone, Mondrian 80 mm, Trafalgar paver, Rosebel Slab, Melville Slab, Cassara et Giga. City Wall, Celtik Wall, Lexa Tandem Wall, Mondrian capping module, Hemminford Steps and Portage Slabs
From Stone:  Limestone, Rock Garden Stone, Sandstone, Indian Stone and Nordic Schist.

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West Island Retaining Walls, Unistone Patios, Driveways, Walkways and Unistone Slabs Installations.

We have seen the progress in the unistone manufacturing industry since 1985. We still give our full trust to the pioneers of this industry. I am talking about Permacon and Techno Bloc Unistone. These two companies have proven to produce top quality products since our beginning in this business. If you follow the instructions , you cannot go wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of landscapers or unistone installers do pretty much what they want. They cut into the raw materials to save money and then give you a better price and get the job. You can be sure that within a short period of time, These Installations Will Suffer with Premature Deterioration.

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☑ What Is the Best Unistone to Buy?

In today's stone and unistone pavers market, anything and everything is good to buy if you stay with the two principle players, Permacon and Techno Bloc. What really matters is the surface preparation beneathe the pavers or the slabs or unistone you are installing. Is your contractor putting the proper geo-textile? How deep does he have to dig? Is there a sufficient 3/4 rock base and did they compress the rock properly? Is there too much dust? How about the slope for water, do we have one? What about the sand filler, did they put the proper sand like Polymere Sand? You see, it's easy for a contractor to fool you and get away with it without you ever knowing about it, or too late. Get it done by a company that's been around for almost 35 years, call us now!

☑ How Much for Unistone Work at My House?

Pricing any work in this world in complex. Sometimes there are extra obstacles before we can even start the work. This has to be taken into consideration when it comes to pricing. If the price you get sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. Beware! In today's market, front driveways should cost between 16$-22$ a square foot, depending of the complexity and the type of stone you use. A backyard unistone patio will range between 20$ to 26$. Retaining Walls should vary between 50$ to 60$ a square foot. Stairs resurfacing, you should expect around 30$ a square foot. These are today's fair market prices with proper preparation and time, the specified glue, products and tools to do a professional job.

Permacon Portage, Rustic and Trending Unistone Slab!

☑ It Always Looks Easy on a Video but believe me it takes a sweat to get there. The preparation before these scenes were intense. We excavated the area for one foot in total and put down the proper geo-textile. Added 0 3/4 inch rocks three inches at a time and compress it. Finally, we put the dust down, no more than one inch and assured a negative slope for water. We can create amazing walkways and patios with these products!

☑ What Exactly Do You Install?

We pretty much install everything. We build impressive 10' x 350' retaining walls, numerous walkways and different stairs, quite a few big or small unistone driveways, modern or conservative backyard patios, numerous straight or winding pathways and elephant feet paths. Part of almost every job we do includes some kind of unistone installation. We are a multi task exterior general contractor company. Even installing your Landscaping Lightscaping and Fences is something we can do for you. No need to hire any other contractors in the yard. We are your best resource for a complete makeover with peace of mind.

☑ What's The Maintenance Required for Unistone?

Most people think that once it's done , it'll last like this for ever. Sorry to burst your bubble but you live in Quebec! Here everything is subject to change from our extreme climate. This said, unistone and any other stones will need every 2 years some additional polymer sand swept in the cracks of the bricks. If you don't do it, you'll end up with some weeds between the bricks and probably will notice with time some stone shifting. Also for the longevity of the unistone or stones, you'll have to apply as needed the specified stone sealer's. For more info on those products, talk to professionals, ask Laniel Prodamex for some advices.

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