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Entreprise D. Simard was born in 1985. I started landscaping at the early age of 20 years old. At the time I was studying marketing in college. One day, a friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in joining him and his friends in their landscaping and grass cutting venture. For a summer job, this was perfect and perfect timing, so I said yes. We were pro grass cutters and taking care of weekly maintenance for more than 80 residential homes. It took us only three days a week to accomplish all the jobs. Meanwhile, we had several of our customers asking us for extra landscaping constructions. I personally thought that this was a great opportunity to learn new stuff and make extra money. My partners did not share the same views, they rather enjoyed long weekends.

A few weeks later, I decided to go on my own and primarily offer these services. I bought an old truck, a few tools and a few business cards and there was Florida born. I went back to those customers and offered my services. My first job was a retaining wall on a waterfront property. At the time, the internet was just taking off. I went to the municipal library and started to learn about this trade. I can tell you, the best way to learn anything is to actually do the work and make the mistakes. I made sure that I never repeated the same mistake twice, I have learned pretty fast the cost of such actions. In the first years of business, your learning curve determines your success.

Now 32 years later, I am still passionate about this profession. Nevertheless, I had a great path in Marketing and also at later times with another college diploma in Gerontology. But, after reflection, I choose to stay in this business all of my life. Why? Eveyday, I feel like I am helping and making a lot of people happy in a short period of time. I feel good about this since 1985.

With time, I have become a great resource for my community. Our activities have been multiplying throughout the years and we can offer all kinds of exterior designs and constructions. We are referred by many professionals, TV shows and even by most of are own competition. Dedication, honesty, fair deals, being reliable and courteous to all my customers have been assets to my life success in this business. I surpass every expectations at all times and aim 100% satisfaction with all my customers. Also, I have never surcharged any job in all my years of business. By far my creativity, my knowledge, my designer skills and drawing skills enhances all projects we create. And last, I still personally work with my crew at all times. I am always available to talk during all and any of the projects we construct.

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