DECK Stain Peeling, 8 REASONS WHY! ⚡️

There are several reasons why your Deck Stain Peels.
Knowing these will help prevent this type of situation in the future.

1- Inadequate Wood Deck Temperature:

teinture-patio en bois-1It often happens that we chose a day to apply stain on your wood deck that is not necessarily the best one. Indeed, the wood on the deck must have a temperature between 7 and 25 degrees Celsius to avoid any problems. It should be known that the temperature on the surface of the wood on a sunny day can quickly be 5 to 10 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Thus, a wood stain applied to a surface that is too hot, 35 cc or more, the wood stain will dry too quickly and will not penetrate the pores of the wood deeply enough. In order to remedy this situation, application of your wooden stain at times when your gallery is located in the shade, in the morning or in the evening greatly reduces incidents related to this problem. When the day is too cool, usually during the end of summer days, a problem of adhesion can also occur if the temperature is too cold. The deck stain becomes thicker and penetrates less into the pores of the wood, reducing adhesion. Of course, do not Stain your Deck Wood wet and not completely dry. SPECIALLY, dont stain in full sun. I know it's ridiculous but unfortunately many people do it anyway!

2- The PH of the Wooden DECK must be Neutral:

teinture-patio en bois-2In general, deck wood protection and maintenance products require a relative wood moisture content of less than 18%, as well as an external temperature range of 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. Taking the internal moisture content of the wood is relatively easy to take with the help of a hygrometer (all the home improvement centers have it and their price is between $ 10 and $ 30). Very important, this precaution will prevent flaking of the stain film.

3- Bad Cleaning of the Surfaces of your Wooden Deck:

teinture-patio en bois-3If your patio shows signs of graying (gray wood): grayish surfaces on horizontal surfaces and near the ground, this means that the outer fiber is water repellent (repels water). This graying is normal but must absolutely be removed with a cleaning product designed for this purpose. Improper cleaning thus prevents deck wood stain from penetrating the pores of the wood and will eventually peel off in a short time. Dirt will also reduce the performance of a patio stain if it is not removed. Like wood that grows gray, dirt clogs the pores of the wood and prevents a good impregnation of the wood stain product.

4- Un-sanded or Sanded Wood Surface Incorrectly:

teinture-patio en bois-4All wood surfaces of a deck or terrace must be sanded properly before being stained. Horizontal surfaces (steps, ramps and steps) must be sanded using a sander equipped with 50 or 60 grit sandpaper. The vertical surfaces must be sanded with a finer grain but not too much, 80 grit. Using a grain that is too fine will close and narrow the pores of your deck wood and prevent the stain from penetrating and anchoring to the pores of the wood again. . The stain will again peel prematurely.

5- Preventative Maintenance of the Neglected Stained Deck:

teinture-patio en bois-5The stain work on your deck or patio may have been good for over a year. However, you notice that the wood stain begins to flake over a summer for no particular reason. The problem is that the protective film of the wood stain has become too thin and fragile to stand up to the bad weather and harsh winters of Quebec. Thus, the preventive maintenance of the wood surfaces of the deck stain is to be done to counter this situation. We recommend the application of a translucent stain apply to horizontal surfaces every 1 to 2 years. The vertical surfaces as for them are to be treated every 3 or 4 years. For decks and patios stain with an opaque stain, a new coat of wood stain is needed every 2 to 3 years time to prevent premature quick-aging

6- Deck Flooring 30 " and less from ground, limited Ventilation:

teinture-patio en bois-6Another reason for premature peeling of a wooden deck stain is unchallenged limited ventilation. Today most customers are looking for a Deck Design with a wood squirt around the deck so they do not see the underside of the deck and also, requires a uniform floor without too much space between the wooden floor boards. This has the effect of increasing the humidity factor early on under the deck. As a result it may have the effect of keeping the boards of the floor on average, wetter than a deck higher up from the ground level and consequently more airy. It is then strongly recommended (if you do not want any trouble) to apply as a maximum, a semi-opaque stain and especially a Non-Film-Forming STAIN. It is normally mention on the stain can, if not, make sure you only get this type of stain and avoid future problems. This stain will not peel but only weather with time and winter. You may stain the deck floor every year, but, it will prevent you from being force to sand the deck every year

7- Wood Stain does not adhere to the TYPE of Deck Wood:

teinture-patio en bois-7First, you need stain and not paint. Also, read and follow carefully all the instructions of the product used (not the same directives according to different products). Despite some enticing specials at our renovation centers, it is important to remember that our department stores do not employ wood stain specialists, and their advice as a material consultant is often influenced and promoted by their own home-made products. despite their quality and their true adhesions. Often it's not their faults, it's simply their lack of knowledge and of course, they will not advise about the products of other suppliers. Know, that they do not work in the field of staining wooden deck but at a department store, often as a part-time and low-cost salary. Warning! Even some Pro Painters do not know the real specialized products and the real necessary methods for the optimal application of certain types of wood stain for outdoor decks. The peeling of the stain will then be inevitable. Of course, he will not tell you, rather, he will find all excuses that exist about why it is not their fault that the stain of your deck flakes. Being now a more informed consumer, do business with Real Specialists in outdoor patio wood stain application. You are not looking for excuses but a quality finished product, a written guarantee, and even an annual preventive follow-up. Leave your conscience clear, use specialized products with proven qualities and use professionals like mentioned below:

8- Make Business with Professional Companies:

teinture-patio en bois-8Other reasons can explain the peeling of the stain of your deck, more rare, these must be analyzed in a more professional way. PROBOIS specializes in exterior wood maintenance and knows perfectly the particularities of the stains and decks on which they are applied. For almost 15 years full-time in this specialized field, we demonstrated an extraordinary know-how when it comes time to stain your deck or your home wooden structures. Visit their website, more than 🥇 500 REALISATIONS 🥇 are waiting for you:Contact them to revive your wood.

PROBOIS   - Exterior Wood Maintenance Specialist -    438-885-8367

To avoid any confusion and if you still decide to do the work yourself, we recommend you to visit the retailer of stain and specialized products for all woods: As the choice is vast, it is important to be well advised in the choice of your products of maintenance for decks and wooden terraces.COLOBAR is a retailer specializing in wood maintenance products and offers outstanding customer service to satisfy its customers. We invite you to contact them, you will find their coordinates at the address below:

COLOBAR   - 357 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval –

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