- Limited Warranty D.Simard Enterprises. -

This Warranty Applies to the Following Conditions:

1. If during the period of 24 months following the installation, the product manifests a clearly improper installation, D. Simard Enterprises will undertake at its own expense, to repair these alleged defects of the installation.

This Warranty Does Not Apply to the Following Conditions:

1. Before the installation, we inspect and hand-pick all the materials. We choose only the best ones available at the present time for the installation. However, sooner or later, the materials undergo changes due to the climatic effects, sun exposure and a multitude of other factors related to outdoor installations. All these uncontrollable changes and alterations of materials (more particularly for wood products) are in no way guaranteed. Ex: Slot and split, crack, torsion, movement, discolouration, flaking of surface, rot, corrosion and all other modifications to the materials, are not guaranteed by D. Simard Enterprises. * See manufacturer product warranties for more details.
2- Any default due to an impact and/or aggressive use of the product.
3- No/or bad maintenance or decoloration and peeling when application of; sealant, stain, cleaning products, etc.
4- Damage due to fire or act of God.
5- Any default resulting from excessive movement and/or collapsing grounds. (ex: Repairs around foundations and French drains, Past excavations, etc.)
6- Any movement of the Structure of the Patio, Fence, Uni-stone, Cement and all other work due to poor drainage of the water on near grounds and/or under and/or underground the area of the construction site.
7- Landscape hard scape materials or natural nature objects blocking the natural flow of water outside the project area.
8- River, water vein under the project area (underground water movement).
9- Water table too close to the ground levels (ex: House near river, lake, etc.).
10- Inappropriate and or unfix owners our neighbours drainage of land slop bringing water near or under to the project area.
11- Any bad maintenance, salt, acid, harmful products, etc.
12- Inappropriate snow and ice removal in the winter and especially in springtime.


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