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Add Privacy and Security to your Home with a professionally build and installed wooden fences around your deck. Our unique wooden fences designs are created with red cedar wood, treated wood or a variety of other products such as ornamental metals or galvanize wood combinations. We Design Each Fence With You in Mind and make every fence in the West Island different and unique for every projects. Gain some privacy, enhance the security for your kids and animals in your backyard and enjoy professional fence craftsmanship.
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Since We started in the West Island 33 Years Ago, we've build hundreds of wood fences, red cedar fences and treated wood fences, iron and galvanize, vinyl and PVC fences, residential, commercial and industrial fences as well. Ornamental and architectural fences and privacy wood panels are also available. All our garden structures, warmth wood panels and modern designs enhance any exterior home designs. So, if you are Looking for High Quality Fencing Solutions to suit your taste and also your budget.

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Trending Fences for 2018.

No mater witch model you decide upon, we will work on producing a Unique Look for Your Fencing Project.
Today, trends tell us that; wood with metal and galvanize materials are in. Moving Colors on Stains and Contrast is also Trending in 2018. The warmth of the linear wood adding tinted safety glass and galvanize post will make the trending magazines this year.

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Treated Wood Fences and Cedar Wood Fences.

Since we began, these two woods were always The Number One Choice for Quebecer's. If the fence post are well installed and water drain away from them, you should expect life span of 20-25 years. Your biggest problem will be the doors. Get longer posts and make an arch so the door cannot pressurize inner movement. Lastly, a stain or A Protection Sealer Should be Applied Every 4-5 Years to help against UV attacks.

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☑ How Much Does Wood Fences Cost?

It's hard to tell how much a fence will cost. Generally speaking, treated wood fence above 100 linear feet long, 6 feet tall, good neighbor style will cost between 30-35$ a linear foot. A cedar fence with the same style and characteristics will be averaging 50-60$ a linear foot. Preparation, design, length of fence, high, post dimension, number of doors, work complexity and materials dictate the final price of any given wood fence.

☑ How Do You Build a Fence?

We first examine city codes and municipality requirements and obtain a city permit. We also have to get approval from INFO-EXCAVATION. This will prevent any excavation in city or third party utilities like Gaz Metro. We then follow your localization plan for precise posts drilling. Most fence have a post every 8 feet to support every wood sections. Fence are build from 4 feet to 8 feet tall in most case. Every post is set in cement or in compacted dust gravel. All fence sections are put together with galvanized brackets, accessories, nails and green zinc plated screws.

How We Dig Our Holes!

☑ We operate our own machinery. No third party are involved! This way, we make sure that the holes are dug properly. With drill extensions up to five feet, we surpass any requirements. Are machine is only three feet wide, so we can easily get into narrow openings. We don't remove sections of fence or damage your property's Landscaping or your Unistone Walkway. Our excavator is lightweight and makes very small footprint on your grass. We're now also able to offer Screw Piles Installations for the foundation of your deck or wood structures.

☑ Treated Wood Fences or Cedar Wood Fences, Which One are The Best?

If your post are well anchored and water is not standing around the post base, I would have a hard time to choose. A Cedar wood fence and Treated wood fence will decay pretty much equally. How do I know? Because I have built both type of fences regularly since 1985, and I have seen with my own eyes the aging process of both materials. No matter what they tell you, untreated cedar will look simply terrible in a few years. A treated wood fence will not look as bad, but it will also show signs of decay. If well maintained, both fences will look great for many years. If you have no issues with the treatment on treated lumber, I would recommend a treated wood fence because it is practically half the price, and it will last as long as a cedar wood fence if well installed and maintained.

☑ How About Iron Fence and Composite Fence?

For ornamental pool fence and entrance doorway fence, Iron and modern galvanized fencing is definitely a solution. Florida installed such fences and can build multiple models. As far as vinyl fence and composite materials, these fence are mostly used on porch and balconies, and railings for front steps. We will offer you the proper fence at reasonable price.

iron fence

☑ Hey Farmers and Big Land Owners, We Can Dig and Install All Your Wood Fence Posts!

Do You Need Galvanized Mesh Fencing for Your Farm or Property? Do you need several posts installed? Do you live in Vaudreuil, St-Lazare or Hudson or in the Montreal area? If you answer is yes to these questions, we can provide high quality fencing and posts installations that provides sufficient strength for Cattle's and Horses. Give us a call and we can give you a free estimate to install all those posts.

☑ Here Is a Typical Farm Fencing Ideal for Farm Pen and Pastures.

farm fence
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